New York fined Rose for skipping maintained New Orleans

The team of New York Knicks game miserably in the past month in the NBA and the last 16 games recorded just five wins which is too short for the composition of "Madison Square Garden" last summer which drastically strengthen toys staff.

Obviously there are some problems in the team, and if you add and unexpected "take off" like that of Derrick Rose on the eve of battle with New Orleans Pelicans (96-110), then perhaps no surprise that the results are what you and Knicks are 11th in the East

The Rose mysteriously disappeared before the game with "pelicans" though he was announced for it. Without having enough of the club decided to leave and are therefore at the center of media attention.

Even from the camp of the Knicks did not know why he missed New Orleans to eventually turns out for family reasons had to return home to Chicago. This "trip" the experienced playmaker will pay New York decided to punish him, but will not suspend. He has already trained with the rest of the team and is expected to play a match with Philadelphia.

Derrick in his first season in the team of the "big apple" has averaged 17.3 points, 4.5 assists and 3.9 rebounds.


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