NBA: Westbrook 49 points and Oklahoma lost to Houston

Houston beat Oklahoma in the most attractive match last night played in the NBA, while Russell Westbrook won the duel with rivals James Harden.

Houston’s win over Oklahoma 118: 116, in which a duel against another found themselves candidates to win the MVP award, Harden, and Westbrook.
Harden scored 26 points and Westbrook nearly twice as many (49), who added the eight rebounds and five assists.

Last night brought several outstanding individual parties: Kyle Lowry scored 33 points in the triumph of Toronto over Utah 101: 93, Si-Jay Mekolum scored 27 points in the victory of Portland over Los Angeles Lakers 118: 109, while Eric Bledso 26 points led the Phoenix in triumph over Dallas 102: 95.

Atlanta wins over New Orleans 99:94, and Germany’s Dennis Schroeder scored 23 points. Indiana teamwork beat Brooklyn 121 109. Three Indiana players scored 20 or more points (Paul George 26 Miles Turner 23 Jeff Teague 21).

Detroit dramatic finish wins over Charlotte 115 114. In triumph shone Serbian giant Boban Marjanovic that 22 minutes had 15 points and 19 rebounds, which is a seasonal record in these two statistical categories.

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