Djokovic honest: I lack the matches against Nadal

The second player on the ATP list, Djokovic admitted that his boast swords with his great rival Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic almost every year began a duel with Rafa in Doha, but this time it will not happen because the Spaniard decided to change the schedule and play Australia in Brisbane.

– Rivalry with Rafa is something special. We played a lot of matches, Grand Slam finals, and especially what was the Australian Open which lasted nearly six hours. I lack duels with him – said, Djokovic.

Nole did not write off in the fight for titles Nadal and Roger Federer the past period had problems with injuries and had to prematurely finish last season.

– When I became one of the best players I had to find a way to win him and Federer. A few years ago I did not know if I can be dominant why they were here. Now that we have returned to unsubscribe from the fight for the title because of their history, performance, and quality that we possess – added Djokovic.

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